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Powerful spray-on probiotic
for external bacterial and fungal diseases
100% natural and chemical-free

When I tried MicroMed For Horses I was relieved to know that there was nothing in it which would harm the animal and I was blown away by how effective it was! Within a month (mid winter) my own herd of seven horses was entirely free of hoof infections, and the product cleared up rain scald and mud fever as well.
Sue Court. PhD. EarthHorse Aotearoa www.earthhorse.co.nz

Empowering you to bring great health to your animals!

Here, at BioOrganic Solutions, we want to provide you,
the animal lover and owner,
with a solution you have long sought
and have now found!
— Mike and Maria
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Multiplying and migrating into diseased areas, the living organisms reestablish the fine balance of beneficial microflora necessary to overcome detrimental, pathogenic bacteria.

Allowing Harmony and Good Health to reign once more!